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We offer you any types of supplies you will ever need

As a company who cares about their customers we offer easy option to help our customers be well prepared and organized for their moves. As a part of business we want to introduce our moving kits for your apartment packing. Please note, we deliver them free prior the actual move date in case you move with us, you only pay for the kit itself, also unused supplies can be returned for refund on the day of the move. Do not forget that we can also provide packing service either in advance or on the same with actual move day. Each kit includes $100 deposit (besides kit value) and it will be applied toward the cost of your move, so when you pay for the move your amount will be reduced for $100.

  • Studio apartment packing kit - $80 + $100 deposit

  • One bedroom apartment packing kit - $130 + $100 deposit

  • Two bedroom apartment packing kit - $190 + $100 deposit

  • Also, if you need moving supplies in certain items you can pick from the list, calculate the price and pay us with $100 deposit and supplies of your choice will be also delivered free.
    book box - 2
    medium linen - 3.20
    large linen - 3.80
    electronic - 5.00
    china - 5.50
    wardrobe - 12
    tape/each - 1
    packing paper (25 lbs) - 30
    bubble wrap(12"*100') - 25.00
    mattress cover king/queen - 6/4.50
    picture box - 5.00
    4 ways picture box - 8.00
    lamp box - 5.00
    stretch wrap (6'*100') - 13.00

The unused supplies will be refunded on the day of the move.

Please, Contact us to arrange supplies drop off day and time.